Why regular oil changes are important

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It reduces friction, lessens wear, lubricates metal engine parts, forms a seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls while helping to cool engine parts. Without the cleaning action of fresh oil, carbon and varnish buildup would be toxic to the engine.

How much does an oil change cost?

Oil change pricing depends on the make/model of your vehicle, the type of oil used and local area in which the service is being provided. Conventional oil change services may range from $35-$49, whereas full synthetic, high mileage oil change services may range from $59-$99. Synthetic oil is better on your engine meaning that it can outperform conventional oils, making it the most cost-effective oil for your vehicle over time.

How long does an oil change take?

Our Express Oil Changes usually take about 20 to 30 minutes which include oil and filter change as well as our Safety Check. Oil Change.